5th Season 2010

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  Summary of our Fifth Sailing Season onboard our second boat, Dreaming On, a Leopard Catamaran
        After our prolonged, frustrating, but nevertheless enjoyable stay in Fort Lauderdale during 2009, we finally set off in January 2010 to the British Virgin Islands where a new hardtop bimini for our cockpit awaits us.

The first part of our sailing season takes us on a 1,300 nautical mile journey across the Gulfstream, through the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands. the north coast of the Dominican Republic, the south coasts of Puerto Rico and Vieques, over to Culebra, then on to St. Thomas and St. John in the US Virgin Islands and to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

We re-visited some previous favourite anchorages, found many, many new ones and made new friends along the way. Add to that a little excitement and adrenalin boost when we rescued two Dominican Republic fishermen miles offshore.

Had some serious engine mounting issues to resolve, but that enabled us to see more of the Virgin Islands than we originally intended, make new friends and find a new lifestyle, yet again.

      July & August 2010   We were hauled out for 2 weeks. Engines removed. New mountings installed and engines re-installed. Quite a job. Hopefully now, we will be rid of the gremlins at last. Have now decided to do some chartering. Big decision and no easy task.

Back to UK late August via Florida. Returning mid-September.

  July & August in the Virgin Islands
      May & June 2010   Our troubles are not yet over. All the way down from Florida, we experienced engine mounting bolts working loose. We thought this would be a fairly simple fix on arrival. However, we were concerned enough to have a professional surveyor make a report. It seems the installers of the new engines in Fort Lauderdale made a "Pig's Ear" of the mountings and have left a real mess. The engine beds now need a complete rebuild, which may require the engines to be removed!!! Looks like we will be here for a while.   May & June in the Virgin Islands
      April 2010   Not all is well with the engines, we drop the propeller (luckily we dive and find it), Adam's visit and the St Thomas carnival.,   April in the Virgin Islands
      March 2010   Now with the new hardtop bimini installed, we can go cruising and enjoy visitors dropping in to share our cruising fun.   March in the Virgin Islands
      February 2010   Passing through St. Thomas and St. John in the US Virgin Islands on our way to BVI.  Arrival in the British Virgin Islands and installation of a long-awaited bimini hardtop on Dreaming On   Arrival in the Virgin Islands
      January to February 2010   Heading east along the south coast of Puerto Rico and on to the Spanish Virgin Islands.   Puerto Rico
      January 2010   Our journey southeast allows us a brief and enjoyable look at the DR and chance to meet new friends   Dominican Republic
      January 2010   Our journey southeast continues through the Turks & Caicos Islands and on to the DR with a little drama enroute   Turks and Caicos
      January 2010   We finally leave Fort Lauderdale and journey through the Bahamas on our way to the BVI.   Transiting the Bahamas
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