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  August 2010   Simon's Visit from NYC, Decision to Charter & STCW Course    

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  One of the requirements to being licenced to charter is the STCW safety, first aid and firefighting course.

The firefighting course was an experience. Two metal containers, one above the other with hatches through the roof to simulate a freighter.

Day one, donned the full kit, minus breathing apparatus and used normal extinguishers.

Day 2, full gear plus breathing apparatus, then hooded so we couldn't see anything. Then had to find our way into container, down two vertical rung ladders, find a casualty and bring him out. All without seeing a thing. Very hot as close to 95 outside and containers are made of steel.

Day 3, full kit again. No hood over our eyes this time. But they lit a fire inside, so there was so much smoke we couldn't see anything again. Had to get down to the bottom level again, open the "Engine room" with the fire, hose out the fire, then enter, find the casualty and bring him up to the top again. VERY, VERY, VERY HOT! We smelt like smoked bacon for a week!

It was just us senior citizens and three young local policemen in their mid-20's so we think we did ok to match them. Now qualified to work on oil tankers and cruise ships??!

Leaving Dreaming On at Nanny Cay Marina in BVI for 4 weeks, mid-August to mid-September, while we head back to Florida, then UK to see family and friends.



  July 2010   The Decision to Charter    
          Despite our original intentions to be in the Virgin Islands for a month or so after installing the hard top, then heading off the Belize, we've come to enjoy the BVI more than we thought we would.

So, we've decided to stay a while. This will give family and friends the opportunity to visit as we're not going anywhere where there isn't an airport for a couple of years.

And it gives us the opportunity to top up the piggy bank by doing Luxury Crewed Charters!

It's always been a possibility, as we have the perfect boat. And BVI is the perfect, (though busy) place to start.

While were in the boatyard having our engine mountings fixed, we met up with Tim Schaaf, who owns the Leopard 45, Jet Stream. Tim has been chartering for many years and sort of persuaded us that we would enjoy it.

So that's what we are going to do. There are a great many hurdles to overcome:

Geoff needs a Captain's Licence so will go back to college here for 5 days and obtain his Caribbean Boatmaster's Licence. We will both take the 5 day STCW safety course. Then there are Work Permits, medical tests. The boat needs a Certificate of Inspection and a Stability Booklet, etc...etc.

  July 2010  

Simon Visits from New York


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  The engines are finished. Took close to 4 weeks in the boatyard and marina, but apart from a few warranty issues the boat appears to be running well at last. Now we can plan ahead.

Simon visited from New York for a long weekend in July, so picked him up in St. Thomas, USVI.

A quick visit to Buck Island to see the turtles, there are usually many turtles here, they have learnt to ignore the snorkellers. They graze the turtle grass, coming up for air and are likely to pop up right next to you.

Then on to Christmas Cove and St John.  No time to visit BVI.

Simon helped with photos for the web site as well as catching up on some sleep!

Always fun to have him on board. When he's awake!



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