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  Sep 2010   Back through Florida to BVI    

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      Our visit to UK this year was very short as we had to be back to prepare Dreaming On for the BVI Charter Boat Show, finish off Geoff's Captain's Licence and follow up on work permits.

Traveled back from London to Miami and drove up to Fort Lauderdale. Stayed with David and Carolann again and relieved them of a number of items we had ordered online using their home as a delivery address. to be shipped back to St. Thomas,

As always, drank some fine wine, ate some great food! David and Carolann organised a BBQ, so we had the opportunity to catch up with other friends from Fort Lauderdale and meet some new.

Before flying out to BVI via Puerto Rico, we delivered a number of boxes of "stuff" to Tropical Shipping in Miami for delivery to St. Thomas. Excellent service and very reasonable.

  Sep 2010   DIY    

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      And in between family visits, the re-modelling of bathrooms in our flat in Nottingham continues. This has been a 4 summer project. But, we are almost there. Geoff will be happy to see the end of it... Next summer!    
  Sep 2010   Simon and family    

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      It is always great fun to visit Geoff's oldest son Simon and family in Horsham, Sussex. Simon's children, twins, Lucy and Daniel, (almost 12) are great characters, and growing up into really mature young folk. It's just amazing to think they will be teenagers next year.

As Lucy & Daniel are not with Simon all the time, we pick a weekend when they are around. Simon lives with Debs whose son Ben, is 8. So when all three children are around it can be extremely active,

Ben is a real ball of fire with a great sense of humour. Doesn't give Lucy or Daniel time to rest!

Spent a weekend with them all. Thanks for the loan of your bed again, Lucy.

Again, we hope Simon and family will be able to visit us soon on Dreaming On. Simon visited us on our first boat, Dream On, in the Bahamas in 2005, but we've come a long way since then!

  Sep 2010  

Nick and family


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Amy is 8

  Nick is Geoff's second son. Such a great family! Nick has really landed on his feet here. Yvonne is such a lovely lady and Amy and Holly are fantastic and always so easy going when we turn up once a year to see them.

As they live in Scotland, we usually meet half way and either camp or stay in Bead & Breakfast. This year we camped, while Nick and family used their caravan.

We met up close to Hadrian's Wall, which once separated what is now England from the marauding Scots!

Nick and Yvonne arrived a day ahead of us, so when we arrived, they had already erected a tent for us. Nice large tent too. Last year it was a borrowed tiny alpine tent for 2. Quite a squeeze!

It was cold up north but we did a lot of walking, made a trip into a lead mine and found some good warm pub meals.

It turned out that the spot Nick had chosen was also the place where Iza did her practical geological experience while at university, (a few years ago!).

Now we have decided to stay in BVI for a couple of years, we really hope to be able to have the family out to visit us on Dreaming On. This was never practical when we were cruising around, not quite knowing where we would be or when we would be there!


Holly is 5


  August 2010   Sally and Colin    

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      We first met Colin and Sally and family Heidi, Renny, Minka and Zoey in 1994 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Although Zoey wasn't actually very born but was close to it and Sally was windsurfing!

It is always an experience to see them every summer and they live in such a fantastic location at the main farm in Clumber Park, a National Trust location. Their cottage is definitely built for short folks and Iza and I have to remember to duck at the right times.

We are always fed so superbly when we visit and it is great fun to see their family comings and goings. Everyone is very active and now with boyfriends and girlfriends joining in, it's an enjoyable whirlwind.

Managed to see them a few times during our short UK trip this year and although Colin has made one working trip to the boat, we really look forward to having the whole family visit sometime. That would be a lot of fun.

  August 2010   Carol and meeting up with Adam    

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      From Fort Lauderdale, we drove back to Miami, and flew on BA to London.

Rented a car, and drove down the Geoff sister Carol's great cottage down in Somerset. Called Adam when we arrived at Heathrow Airport, he's heading to Devon to surf. Said he would call us when he was underway.

As we were travelling down the A303, we were passed by a car we thought must be Adam. Called him and asked if he could see a little red car in his mirror! So, stopped at the services and caught up with him. Persuaded him to stay overnight at Carol and Bob's as they hadn't seen him for a while and to spend some time with him before he went to Afghanistan in September.

Carol and Bob are always very hospitable and fun to visit. They live in a village of 3 houses, a school and a pub with rolling hills all around. One horse, 3 dogs, a number of sheep, a few ducks and chickens make up the rest of the family.



  August 2010   Fort Lauderdale    

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  We left Dreaming On at Nanny Cay Marina in the care of Antilles Yachts for our brief trip to UK. The hurricane season was already active, so we were somewhat concerned at leaving her so close to the hurricane box. But with all the preparations for chartering there really wasn't the time to take her to the alternatives, Puerto Rico or Grenada.

So we left BVI by ferry to St. Thomas, (50 minutes), then flew via San Juan to Miami, rented a car there and drove up to Fort Lauderdale to see David and Carolann for a couple of days.

Drank some wine, enjoyed some good food, met other friends and did a lot of pre-charter shopping for Dreaming On.



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