Preparing to Charter

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Preparing to Charter
BVI Charter Boat Show
November / December

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  Oct 2010   Rain    

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    Don't think we've ever seen such rain. In fact the residents of BVI say the same about 2010.

22 inches in one month, with a total of around 32" from just a couple of tropical waves that came through. The islands are mountainous, so there were very serious mudslides and times when roads are closed and government, banks and businesses closed as no-one could get to work.

  Sep 2010   Back in Nanny Cay    

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Arrived back in Nanny Cay mid-September, having flown from UK to Miami, a couple of days with David and Carolann in Fort Lauderdale, back to Miami, then via San Juan, Puerto Rico to BVI.

We were very fortunate that there was no damage to Dreaming On during the passage of hurricane Earl, although there was evident damage to trees, power lines and some docks.

There were still many of the jobs we left to be done not completed, so spent far longer than anticipated in Nanny Cay waiting for things to happen...Island style...!.

All in a rush now as we prepare Dreaming On for the November Charter Boat Show at which she and we have to be spic and span and gleaming.

Boat also has to be inspected by the VI Shipping Registry and given a commercial certificate. This is mainly based on safety items and copies the UK requirements in most respects.


Cooper Island

We arranged a day out with a group of friends. First to have a day of fun while the sun shone, secondly to try out our water toys and thirdly, all had volunteered to be photographed having fun for our website and brochure. Ruth from Astral Wind was chief photographer and as a result we had photos to us in our new brochure.

Our floating island lounge, now called the Big Red Donut was a big hit.

We must do this again sometime!


  Sep 2010  

Hurricane Earl


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End August. We are in UK and Hurricane Earl hit the Virgin islands. Nanny Cay is on the south of the islands and the eye of the hurricane was to the north. The islands are mostly mountainous, so the south was protected. 90mph winds in the marina for 5 hours though and the yacht management teams here did a great job in checking lines, putting out anchors and jury rigging some floating docks that threatened to break loose. No damage reported to Dreaming On, though some marina damage.

See this link for some videos taken by friends Charles and Ruth on Astral Wind who stayed at Nanny Cay throughout Earl:

Anegada, the remote, northerly, low lying coral island took a direct hit.

  Aug 2010   Back to UK    

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We left Dreaming On in the BVI while we went back to UK for 3 weeks in late August to see family. We transited Florida both ways to catch up with friends there and do some shopping. Meanwhile, in our absence, Hurricane Earl became a close shave as it passed just north of the Virgin Islands.

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