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Preparing to Charter
BVI Charter Boat Show
November / December

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  Dec 2010   Christmas    

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  Three days before Christmas, we received a call from Harvey & Tracy, out on a charter on Pas de Deux with an offer of a charter starting 27th December. The charterer had been let down somehow so it was now all last minute. Could we take 5 people? Quick decision was yes! This means we move out of our cabin and move in with the freezer, washing machine and ice-maker somehow. But we will find a way to make it work.

After a great deal of mental preparation and boat preparation for our possible first charter, the clients could not get airline seats down here, so it cancelled. Still, it focused our minds for 48 hours!

Simon was thinking of coming down from New York for Christmas but couldn't make it. So we headed out to one of our hanging out bays where the water is clear and we have turtles and pelicans for company and had a quiet Christmas......CLEANING AND POLISHING THE BOAT!!!  And a few cocktails! But time to wind down a little.







  Dec 2010   Day Charters    

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  While we wait for our first week's charter to materialise, we have put together a package for a Day Charter.

This will be way upmarket from the normal "Day Sail" offerings and target private groups of up to 8. Leaving 8.30am, returning 4.30pm.

Champagne breakfast with gourmet Eggs Benedict. Lobster and Filet Mignon with assorted salads, desserts and wind for lunch. Our Island Dreams rum punch throughout the day, with beer and soft drinks, and finally a Captain's Cocktail on the way home.

We are marketing this through high class resorts, villas and the corporate market.

So, before we go somewhere to chill out for Christmas, (Assuming no last minute charter materialises), we set up a new web site, (number 3) and start working on Facebook and marketing flyers to resorts, villas etc.







  Nov/Dec 2010   Back to BVI - Official Entry!    

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  While in St. Thomas, we received our official Work Permit entry documents by ferry from BVI. So medical tests were taken in St. Thomas, before returning to BVI.

Arrived BVI early Tuesday 30th November just in time to report to the Immigration Clinic to have medical forms stamped. (They only open Tuesday morning!). But not on this day! They decided to open at another clinic, too far away for us to make it in time.

So the following Tuesday, we arrived, to find a queue of 40 already. 5 hours later we are told we need to take another medical test, come back next week!

So, finally we are medically cleared on 14th December. Then we had to bounce around between the Labour office, Immigration and Social Security for three days, finally with all documents in hand by 17 December.







  Nov 2010   Solar Panels    

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      At last we have installed them. Been storing them on board since July but did not want to put them on before the hurricane season was over.

As the roof slopes in every direction, we had great fun making sure that no panel was bent and that their edges all lined up visually.

And they work well with a Smart controller. Four x 135W panels, connected in series, producing around 80VDC at 7 amps into the controller. The controller then converts this to 12 VDC and out pops some really good amperage. We've seen up to 34 amps so far. Of course, it varies tremendously as clouds pass by or the boat swings at anchor and the panels get shade from the boom. As our average power use is around 20 amps, then on a good day we are in positive amps for up to 5 hours.

So they just lie there, soaking up those rays. They're so hot, they're cool!



  Nov 2010   Honeymoon Bay with Astral Wind    

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The QM2 comes to visit

  After the show, we went off for a couple of days to chill out. Made the rounds of Virgin Gorda. A little exploration, a recce for charter routes and a visit to the various restaurants to see what they could offer our guests for their one meal ashore during the week.

After that, it was over to St. Thomas to re-provision and install the solar panels. Our friends Charles and Ruth on Leopard 38 "Astral Wind" buddy boated with us. Astral Wind has also had a run of bad luck, so this was their maiden voyage on their new engines.

Stayed in Honeymoon Bay, St. Thomas. Introduced Charles and Ruth to Joe's Beach Bar and also joined the Water Island residents for Thanksgiving Lunch on the beach. Everyone brought food and it was a magnificent spread. We also brought along the crews from charter catamarans Breanker and Vivo. 

There are two cruise ship terminals in St. Thomas. The one with the deeper water is in the old submarine base and is close to our anchorage at Honeymoon Bay. So we get up close and personal with the world's two largest cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas and Queen Mary 2.

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