A Year in Dubai

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While happily swinging at anchor in Nassau Harbour in May 2006, enjoying the sights and bustling harbour activity, cup of coffee in hand, in comes an email from an old colleague in Dubai, Stuart Wheeler.  Would Geoff be interested in a 2 month consultancy project in Dubai?

Geoff's first reaction was that "Work" is a four letter word. But when he  realised that the alternative was a session of D.I.Y. on  houses in UK, he booked his seat to Dubai. Geoff arrived in Dubai at the end of August. Iza followed a few weeks later.

By the time Iza arrived, Geoff had migrated from the initial 2 month project into another new project, to set up a new Seaplane operation, offering sightseeing flights for tourists along the coast of Dubai.

The temptation was too much to resist. We agreed to forego one sailing season and stay for one year.

      Oman   September 2007 - A long awaited opportunity to drive to Oman for a weeks camping..  

Camping in Oman - Photos

      Deserts & Wadis   Numerous trips out of Dubai, from local camping or barbecues in the desert, to some serious desert and dune bashing.

December 2007 - A camping trip to Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi with a visit to a very surprising auto museum

  Deserts & Wadis- Photos

Liwa Oasis - Photos

Abu Dhabi National Auto Museum - Photos

      Musandam   The delights of mountainous Musandam, Oman, including 2 trips through Wadi Bih and four trips to Khasab and the fascinating fjords,   Musandam - Photos
      Jet-Ops & Seawings   Our Dubai story takes the project from a very early stage to full commercial operations almost one year later.



Seawings Operation Photos

Team Photos


Aerial Photos

      Visitors to Dubai   Geoff's oldest son Simon with his children Lucy & Daniel. Jim Huber, our cruising friend from Chestertown and Florida. Geoff's sister Carol & husband Bob. Simon & girlfriend Kate. Adam & girlfriend Louise.   Visitors- Photos
      Our Life in Dubai   Experiencing the phenominal, fascinating, mind-blowing development of Dubai. Though this involves living in a continuous building site with the consequent noise, dust and traffic problems. Our stay in Dubai culminated in our first ever parachute jump.  

Life in Dubai - Photos


      Trips from Dubai   In May 2007 we went back to Brunswick to check on Dream On.  While we were there we met up with our friends Gordon and Bobby of Namaste who drove us to Savannah.  


In November 2007, we took a few days to fly to New York to visit Simon who was there for a few months on secondment from his company in UK. New York
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