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Life in Dubai

Dubai Marina The Waves Friends Parachute jump  
Life in the middle of the world's largest building site


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Geoff arrived in Dubai in August 2006, planning to leave again by November after a two and a half month consultancy.

Iza joined Geoff in Dubai in September. By this time, Geoff had been offered another challenge. Setting up a seaplane sightseeing operation. After a lot of thought, we finally agreed to stay for one year. What an exciting year it has been!

Dubai has to be the world's largest construction site, rumoured to be operating around 30% of the world's high rise cranes.

UAE is also making use of some of the world's largest dredgers for  building offshore islands and incredible land reclamation projects.

Dubai Marina

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When we first arrived, we lived in a two bedroom company apartment in a new development close to Green Community, well out of Dubai. It served its purpose but also convinced us we needed to move on and gave us the incentive to invest in our own property.

So in March 2007, we purchased a one-bedroom apartment in a development called The Waves in Dubai Marina. Good design, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, coffee shop, restaurant and on the marina waterfront. Ten minutes walk to the beach.

Now, Dubai Marina is not your standard world class marina, it is a brand new city. Hundreds of high rises, many of which are breaking some record or another. The water itself, 3.5 kms of manmade canal with space for 4,000 boats. The largest man-made marina in the world.

It is impossible to describe Dubai in a few words. Suffice to say it is breaking new ground in every respect. The amazing speed and imagination of development and design. The scale of the vision that is guiding the Emirate to become a unique world class vacation, business, finance, sport, trade and residential centre.

Experiencing living in Dubai was an opportunity not to be missed. Dubai has a vision for 2020 which is resulting in spectacular building developments at an unprecedented speed and scale.

The largest man made islands in the world. The tallest building in the world. The largest airport in the world, the longest man-made waterfront in the world. The list goes on. There are no limits to architectsí imaginations. The majority of new developments are not a part of Dubai city but a part of several completely new cities. These will all be spectacular places to visit in a few years time.

Along with this growth comes the desperate need for improved transport links for commuting workers, but Dubai is doing its best to cope. New roads are appearing everywhere. A new metro system is being built in record time.

Dubai has found the middle ground. Tradition remains, while Western influence and modernisation have been adopted with great success. Expatriate workers outnumber nationals, but Dubai has found the way to make this imbalance and the acceptance of different cultures and religions successful.

Old Friends and New

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We met some great people in Dubai. Many we used to know when living in Jeddah, such as Luc and Trish Blais who are now working in Abu Dhabi; Nick and Kath Owen who we discovered also living in Dubai Marina; Pat and Barbara Keating with their 3 boys Douglas, Angus and Scott, also living in Dubai Marina.

Then there are the new friends:

Fran and Richard Maunder, whom we first met on their and our first desert trip to Fossil Rock in January. Great hosts and we enjoyed their company on many desert and wadi trips.

Willie Diener, the microlight maestro who took us flying in his microlight over Ras al Khaimah and enabled us to take some aerial photos of Seawings first aircraft.  

RaŽd Dabbous (Rudi), our co-jumper when we made our first parachute jump, three days before leaving Dubai. We are only sorry we did not meet RaŽd earlier. However, he is a keen diver and fisherman and we hope that he will be able to visit us in the Caribbean sometime to give us some fishing lessons.

And then there's Jet-Ops and Seawings. A fantastic group of people all brought together for the new operation from different corners of the world. It was a pleasure to work with the team.


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