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Visitors to Dubai

Simon, Lucy and Daniel Jim Huber Carol & Bob Simon & Kate Adam & Louise

December 2006

Simon, Lucy & Daniel



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Geoff's eldest son, Simon and his children, Lucy and Daniel visited us in December 2006.

It was great to be able to spend some time with Geoff's oldest grandchildren who were aged 7 at the time. Beaches, desert safaris, camels, Wild Wadi and the Mall of the Emirates ski slopes were just some of the fun experiences they enjoyed.

We hope Lucy and Daniel will come and visit us on Dream On sometime soon.

January 2007

Jim Huber


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Jim Huber, a fellow cruiser we had met in Fort Lauderdale while preparing Dream On for our first voyage.

(Crazy) Jim had met Dream On twice before we owned the boat. Dream On, skippered by previous owner Ed Alcoff had been making a world circumnavigation, when Jim caught up with them in the Pacific in his yacht "Champagne." Jim left Dream On and crew to enjoy Australia and continued around the world and back to Florida.

However, he obviously became bored with Florida so decided to make another circumnavigation and again caught up with Dream On somewhere in the Red Sea. Jim was still back in Florida before Dream On arrived!

It was this great personality trait of Jim's that led him to visit us in Dubai. An instant decision and a few days later he was there. We had a great time with him in Dubai and look forward to catching up with him again in our cruising travels.

Jim joined us on our first trip to the Musandam. As an ardent sailor and engineer, it was not long before he had his head in the engine room of the dhow in Musandam and later took over controls from the Dhow master.


March 2007

Carol & Bob

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Carol, Geoff's sister and husband Bob, joined us in Dubai for a week. Carol had a go at desert driving in the Jeep Wrangler and they joined us on a trip to the Musandam.



Easter 2007

Simon & Kate


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Iza's son Simon with his girlfriend Kate, made their first visit to Dubai during the Easter holidays as Kate is as teacher in Bristol. By this time we had moved to our own apartment in the Waves, Dubai Marina. This has a great swimming pool and gym, plus is walking distance from the beach.

They joined us on a desert trip to Fossil Rock, with old Jeddah friends Pat and Barbara Keating and family. Simon took over the driving and upheld the family tradition of getting stuck in sand at least once.

April 2007

Adam & Louise


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Adam, Iza's eldest son with his girlfriend Louise paid a brief visit on their way to a surfing holiday in Australia.

Now Adam has been through RAF desert survival training, but despite this, now holds the best "Stuck in Sand" award in the family. If you're going to get stuck - do it with panache!

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