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Under full sail at last!

With prevailing winds from the southeast for most of our southbound journey, there has been little opportunity to test Dream On under full sail. On the way to George Town, the wind moved north east and we had a great sail.

Elizabeth Harbour, George Town

A beautiful, vast, spacious sheltered harbour with many choices of anchorage and very popular with cruisers. Up to 400 boats anchor here during the March regatta.

Volley Ball beach, Elizabeth Harbour

The cruisers' social centre of Elizabeth Harbour

Monument Beach, Elizabeth Harbour

Kidds Cove, Elizabeth Harbour

George Town waterfont

Entering Lake Victoria

The dinghy landing point for all shopping activity in George Town is inside Lake Victoria which is in the centre of town and is accessed under this low bridge under the high street.

George Town straw market

George Town Library

Williams Town Church, Little Exuma Cay

Cook out at Williams Town

With Mick and Sue from Breathless, at the Williams Town cook out.

Plantation ruins, Williams Town

Remains of loyalist cotton plantation dating from the early 1800s.

Plantation ruins, Williams Town

Loyalist Tombs

A few survivors of a sisal plantation, Little Exuma Cay

Sisal growing started around the 1890s in the Exumas but was an unsuccessful crop due to its high salt content which tended to corrode the sisal processing machinery.

Another surviving sisal

....and Mick and Geoff

Williams Town stone beacon

The stone beacon, reminiscent of a Greek column and built over 200 years ago, once guided ships which picked up salt for export from Little Exuma Cay to Nova Scotia and North America.

Looking out over the salt ponds, Williams Town

Old cannon next to the stone beacon, overlooks the Atlantic to the north and this salt pond inland.

Williams Town beach

Crab Cay, Elizabeth Harbour

Kayaking around Crab Cay

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