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Kemplon's Bad Workmanship
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Examples of Kemplon Marine Engineering Services Poor Standards of Workmanship


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After we suffered a catastrophic engine failure in Ft. Lauderdale in 2009, the decision was made to change both engines as the old model was no longer available.


We contracted Just Catamarans to supply and install the new engines. However, they sub-contracted the installation work to Kemplon Marine Engineering Services.


Kemplon initially impressed us with the efficiency in removing the old engines and installing the new ones. What we did not realise though was that they had failed to check the footprint of the new engines, which differed from that of the old engines. This resulted in three days of drilling, grinding and modifying with the engines already in the engine rooms. We were assured by Kemplon and then by Just Catamarans that the engines were secure.


However, on checking the mounting bolts after only 70 hours of engine time, we found all bolts loose. On tightening the bolts we found the thread was stripped in the engine beds in locations where the remaining original bolts had still been used.


We checked the bolts daily after that discovery, and had to tighten them daily as we made our way from Florida to the BVI.


When we arrived in BVI, the engine alignment had clearly slipped as we could see the marks on the engine beds caused by the moving mountings.


We had the mounts checked by a Yanmar engineer in BVI. He confirmed that the bolt holes that had been drilled out by the installers to accommodate larger bolts.  This was a mistake as in order for the bolts to fit through the flanges on the mountings, the holes in the mountings had been ground away to the point where the material was extremely thin, compromising their strength. He recommended a complete rebuild of the engine beds and new engine mountings to ensure their strength was re-established.


New holes had been drilled by Kemplon, so close to the old holes that the stainless plates in the engine beds were also compromised.


In places where the requirement for a new hole to fit the footprint of the new mounts conflicted too closely with an original hope, Kemplon drilled an offset hole. This resulted in the mounts being skewed and twisted.


We then called in a surveyor in the BVI who wrote a damning report about the installation and proposed that the best solution was to remove the engines and fabricate and fit stainless steel saddles through bolted onto the engine beds.


We sent Just Catamarans all of the documentation and photographs to discuss with Kemplon. Eventually Kemplon's insurers sent out a surveyor to inspect the boat in the USVI.


His final report to the insurers was not seen by us, but verbally, he was also surprised at the poor quality of the installation. He also advised that the best solution to re-establish structural integrity was as recommended by our own surveyor, to install stainless steel saddles.


As of 5th July, Kemplon's insurers have refused the claim based on statements by Kemplon that are just untrue.













      Results of Bad Workmanship    

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  1. Boat has to be hauled.

  2. Engines, generator and dive compressor have to be removed.

  3. Engine beds checked for integrity and repaired as necessary.

  4. Stainless steel saddles fabricated so that engine mountings can be placed in the correct position and not offset and twisted.

  5. All new engine mountings required.

  6. Massive cost and inconvenience to boat owners. 

  7. Time, almost four months since these issues were first highlighted by our marine surveyor in BVI.


We expected the installers, be it Just Catamarans or Kemplon Marine Engineering Services individually or jointly, to accept responsibility for their work and offer a solution in a professional manner.


Unfortunately, neither party has stepped forward.













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