Central Exumas

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Highlights of Central Exumas 

Anchored between the Majors

A favourite anchorage for cruisers between Big Major Spot and Little Major Spot, close to Staniel Cay.

Calm Anchorage?

Between the Majors. Not so calm this day. It was blowing up to 25 knots and many boats dragged anchor overnight.

Shopping at Isles General Store

Carefullly at low tide. Navigating "Mini Dream On" through the shallows to Isles Supermarket.

Looking out onto the Bahama Banks

The magical colours of The Bahamas

"Schucks, That's It, lets's sail to Nassau" said Art.

Art and Joan Schuck onboard That's It are towed out of the Majors anchorage into safe water on the Bahamas Banks to sail to Nassau. Their engine seized in the Majors and the nearest replacement was in Nassau.

Pipe Cay

A magical part of Pipe Creek. We found the perfect beach.

Dream On at Pipe Cay

Anchored on her own in 12 feet of clear water.

Pipe Cay

Looking across Pipe Creek to Wild Tamarind Cay

Pipe Cay

Looking north to Compass Cay

Exploring Pipe Cay by kayak

Clear water

Looking down from the mast at our anchor chain in 20 foot of water.

Pipe Creek all to ourselves

Pipe Creek all to ourselves

Pipe Creek all to ourselves

Pipe Creek

Turquoise blues

The water really is that colour.

Up the mast

View from above.

Investigating a stingray

Our first conch

Having at last found a conch, the next problem was how to get into it. Geoff tries his hand and tools at breaking in.

First lobster catch

Delicious with butter and garlic!

Fishing success

We perfected our teamwork fishing technique. Grouper, grunts, and a trigger fish.

A balancing act

We anchored off Joe Cay, still in Pipe Creek and set off to explore.

Inside Joe Cay

Inside Joe Cay is a high water lagoon of white sand and mangrove.

Young mangrove in Joe Cay

Looking over mangrove in Joe Cay

Joe Cay

Cave on Joe Cay

White sandstone cliffs with many caves.

Joe Cay beach

Sunset over Pipe Creek

Samson Cay Marina

In good company at this up market marina. (We anchored outside for a lunch break).

Black Point, Great Guana Cay

A very large anchorage on the west side of the island and a popular stopover.

Laundrette at Black Point

This has to be the best laundrette we have ever come across. It has the best view over the harbour and its own dinghy dock.

Waterfront at Black Point with weekly mailboat

The mailboat

The lifeline to the outlying islands. The trick is to visit just after the mailboat has restocked the grocery shelves.

Little Farmer's Cay

We picked up one of Ocean Cabin's mooring buoys, instead of anchoring, due to the strong current.

Little Farmer's Cay - Ocean Cabin

Operating hours, Bahama style

Lee Stocking Island

Owned by the Perry Institue for Marine Science and funded partly by NOAA. A wonderful island for research scientists to base themselves while conducting research on conch, grouper and lobster populations as well as coral.

Beach on Leaf Cay

North of Lee Stocking Island. A 10 foot hammerhead shark was seen in this area.

Leaf Cay

Sails up

Most of our journey so far has been head into prevailing winds with very few sailing opportunities. This was a good sailing day.

Sailing from Lee Stocking to Black Cay

Barracuda catch

This greedy barracuda snatched the bait just as we left Black Cay. We had to cut him loose and leave him with the hook as they are not safe to eat.

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