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Bahamas 2005
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Arrival in Bahamas Central Exumas Eleuthera Long Island Nassau Revisited Jumentos & Ragged Islands Rum Cay George Town Long Island Revisited Cat Island Abacos Northern Exumas Exuma Cays Park Conception Island

Bahamas February 2005 to June 2005

  10 May to 10 June   Abacos   Arriving from Spanish Wells, with our first stop an overnight at Cherokee Sound. Then in one day, Little Harbour, The Bight of Old Robinson and Lynyard Cay. Back out into the Atlantic and north and re-enter the Sea of Abaco at Man-O-War Cay. One week in the central Abacos with Geoff's son Simon on board, before heading to the northern Abacos to begin our journey back to the east coast of USA.  
  6 to 10 May   Spanish Wells, Harbour Island, Eleuthera   From Nassau to Royal Island on the west of Eleuthera. One night in the small well protected Royal Harbour before moving on to Spanish Wells. Took up a mooring in the very narrow harbour channel. Made a day trip by fast ferry to Harbour Island. Waited at Spanish Wells for good weather to head north 50 miles to the Abacos.  
 3 to 6 May Nassau A 120 mile overnight sail from Cat Island, via Highborne Cay in the Exumas to anchor at Rose Island outside Nassau Harbour for the night. Entered the very busy harbour the following day and into Nassau Yacht Haven marina.
  30 April to 2 May   Cat Island   A brief stopover at Cat Island, before heading to Nassau. First night in the very narrow Hawk's Nest Creek, then re-anchored outside, just off Hawk's Nest Resort, followed by a day anchorage at New Bight to visit the Hermitage, followed by an overnight sail to Nassau.  
  23 to 30 April   Conception Island   Another magical island. Protected as a national park, the island is uninhabited, surrounded by superb beaches, coves and coral reefs. A tidal lagoon inside acts as a nursery. Juvenile turtles and fish of all species hide out there, harassed by the occasional juvenile nurse shark and barracuda.  
  19 to 23 April   Rum Cay   Anchored in St. George's Bay, Port Nelson on the southeast corner of Rum Cay. Made a few dives on the southern reef. Met up again with Otra Mundo. Made a stopover at the very intricate reef strewn Flamingo Bay on our way to Conception.  
  14 to 19 April   Long Island (2)   On our return from the Ragged Islands, we came around the south east corner of Long Island and stopped at Little Harbour, then Clarence Town, before moving on to Rum Cay.  
  4 April to 13 April   The Jumentos and Ragged Islands   Remote chain of islands south of the Exumas. All but one island uninhabited. Very few boats go there as there are no supplies, no assistance if in trouble and rumours of some night time drug activity. Enchanting islands. Miles of secluded beaches and coves to explore. In nine days there, we saw one other boat!  
  30 March to 4 April   Long Island   Long Island, 76 miles long and 4 miles wide. Not part of the Exumas and considered as being in the Far Bahamas. Beautiful island. Friendly, industrious people. Shallow banks on the west coast with a few anchorages. Deep water on the east coast with only two viable anchorages. Dramatic northern point at Cape Santa Maria.  
  26 to 30 March   George Town   George Town is the capital of the Exumas. It is a Mecca for cruisers, with over 400 boats during the March regatta. We arrived just after the regatta finished and there were still around 225 boats. George Town is the start of the Southern Exumas and deserves a whole chapter to itself.  
  11 to 26 March   Central Exumas   We sailed from the Exuma Park at Warderick Wells Cay to Staniel Cay and anchor between the Majors. Staniel Cay is the beginning of the central Exumas and is a favourite stopping off point for cruisers as there is reasonably sheltered anchoring, three grocery stores and the Thunderball Grotto to explore. We then journey slowly down through the Central Exumas to Great Exuma Island, the location of George Town and beginning of the Southern Exumas.  
  4 to 11 March   The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park   Our next trip south was from Normans Cay into the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, mooring at  Warderick Wells Cay. The park survives on the contributions from volunteers. We volunteered our services for various park maintenance assignments. This is a beautiful spot to visit and again, we were fortunate enough to meet and work alongside some great people.  
  26 February to 3 March   Northern Exumas   From New Providence, the island on which Nassau is located across the eastern banks to Allens Cay then on to Normans Cay.  
  16 to 26 February   Arrival in Bahamas   From Marathon across the Straits of Florida, and the Gulf Stream into Gun Cay in The Bahamas. We then proceeded to Bimini, across the Great Bahama Banks to Chub Cay and on to New Providence. Our highlights and photos include some of the many great people with whom we shared the journey or met along the way.  
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