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How to start a seaplane operation.......?



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When we accepted to stay in Dubai for longer than the originally planned three months, to project manage the start up of a seaplane service, we did not realise the amount of work involved.

Although the operation was to start with one Cessna Caravan Amphibian, it was still an airline and therefore we had to make all applications, provide all manuals and comply with all the regulations that would apply to a major airline.

Float Plane Leasing Ltd was formed as owner of the aircraft.

Jet-Ops was to be the aircraft operator, leasing the aircraft from Float Plane Leasing.

Seawings is the local marketing and branding company chartering the aircraft from Jet-Ops.

All technical staff such as pilots, engineers and senior ground service were employed by Jet-Ops as required by the Civil Aviation Authority, while sales, reservations and ground handling staff were employed by Seawings.

The owners of the company had certainly chosen the right time to start such a service. The Dubai tourist market has an insatiable appetite for “something different” for tourists to enjoy and with the ever changing skyline of Dubai, what better way to see it and enjoy a take off and landing on the open sea.. The construction, development and real estate markets as man made and natural islands are developed to full potential is growing daily. Requests from these industry sectors for seaplane visits to islands will continue to grow.

We were very lucky in the quality, camaraderie and teamwork of the people that joined us and in the commitment and support from the owners of the company which helped bring it all together. 

Operations started in August 2007. The second aircraft joined the fleet in January 2008 and the third has now been delivered in March 2008, after our departure. 

We miss being involved with the ongoing growth of the company.

We miss watching the enthusiastic comments of tourists who have enjoyed the “Seawings Seaplane Experience”.

But most of all, we miss the people in the Jet-Ops and Seawings team who make it all happen every day.






The Team



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Team Photos

Sheikh Saeed Mohammed Hasher al Maktoum, Chairman and Director Seawings

Stuart Wheeler, CEO Jet-Ops FZE and Director, Seawings LLC

Peter Groves, Director Seawings, and wife Donna

David Stockwell, Director Seawings, and wife Melanie

Cam Leslie, Director Flight Operations and fiancée Stef.

Mike Hanson, Chief Pilot and wife Jen.

Tony Belluz, pilot and wife Pat.

Travis Taiaroa, pilot.

Matt Seifert, Ground Operations Manager and Lorraine.

Ines, Mel and Nathalie, our fantastic sales team.

Prerna and Vandana, reservations supremos.

Pieter Stoltz, Maintenance Manager and wife Elize.

Derrick Murray and Brett Beech our maintenance team.

Lejanie, Pamela, Ronaldo, Valancia, Lois and Viara, Operations Control and Customer Services. Always a smiling face.

Mohammed, Arnie, Ashok, Laksiri, Suresh, Miguel and Bashir, our superb driving, dock and boat handling team.

And then Andy Stephen and wife Valerie. Andy arrived in December 2007 to take over from Geoff as General Manager of Jet-Ops. His arrival allowed us to leave to resume our sailing life.

We also made many friends within the group at Air Charter International. ACI owns Jet-Ops and provided office space, administration, finance and commercial support. Our thanks to them all.

We signed off in Dubai at the end of January 2008 to go back to our more relaxed sailing life.


The Aircraft


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Aircraft Photos

Jet-Ops/Seawings had chosen the Cessna Caravan Amphibian as the best aircraft to commence operations. The aircraft are quiet and comfortable and still in production, so well supported by the manufacturer.  It is anticipated that the operation will move to other aircraft such as the Twin Otter as demand grows and greater range and capacity are required..

A6-SEA - "Sierra Echo Alpha" had already been purchased before we arrived in Dubai and was in storage in Iceland awaiting approvals.

A6-SEB - "Sierra Echo Bravo" was purchased through Wipaire in Minneapolis in November 2007.

A6-SEC - "Sierra Echo Charlie" was purchased through Wipaire in March 2008.

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